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The following structure defines the SQL update syntax in LiteDB. Keyworks and function names are case-insensitive.

  UPDATE <collection>
  SET <key0> = <exprValue0> [,<keyN> = <exprValueN>] | <newDoc>
[ WHERE <filterExpr> ]
  • collection is the name of the collection where the documents will be inserted.
  • Every key is the attribute name in the document and the corresponding exprValue is an expression that returns the desired value. For more info, see Expressions.
  • newDoc is a valid JSON object.
  • If the form <key> = <exprValue> is used in the SET clause, the informed fields will be updated or created in every document returned by the WHERE clause.
  • If newDoc is used in the SET clause, the documents returned by the WHERE clause will be entirely replaced by newDoc.
  • filterExpr is any valid filter expression. For more info, check Where clause