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Connection String

LiteDatabase can be initialized using a string connection, with key1=value1; key2=value2; ... syntax. If there is no = in your connection string, LiteDB assume that your connection string contains only the Filename. Keys are case insensitive.


Key Type Description Default value
Filename string Full or relative path to the datafile -
Connection string Connection type (“direct” or “shared”) “direct”
Password string Encrypt (using AES) your datafile with a password null (no encryption)
InitialSize string or long Initial size for the datafile (string suppoorts “KB”, “MB” and “GB”) 0
ReadOnly bool Open datafile in read-only mode false
Upgrade bool Check if datafile is of an older version and upgrade it before opening false



        <add name="LiteDB" connectionString="Filename=C:\database.db;Password='1234'" />